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Sorry about the apparent abdication

I love coming back here and reading the entries of familiar faces. Nicest thing about LiveJournal is its consistency.

On the veggie front, if you haven't checked out "eat vegan on $4 a day" by Ellen Jaffe Jones I cannot recommend enough doing so. Everything I have tried has come out tasty and texturally pleasing. Recommend the sweet potato muffins, which also work with Bob's Mill All purpose gluten free baking mix.

On the spiritual front, I meditate in the mornings and I am actually hanging out in Gilbert at a coffee shop that is part of a Christian campus. It is interesting to watch my own internal prejudices surface as I try to practice my pagan approach to "live/love", which just happens to be the coffee shop slogan and one I see most people there living. I think I have landed upon one of the few places Jesus would be proud to have use his name. (see, there goes my prejudices again!) I am reading Mandela's "Long Walk to Freedom" and listening to Pema Chodron; Close interaction with some actual Christians has got me thinking about cycling back to a bit of C.S Lewis, Karen Armstrong or Therese again; maybe the Armstrong book that encompasses the whole spiritual renaissance...."The Great Transformation". Still really working on ego....bleh!

Intellectual front is all about the John Scalzi edited "Metatropolis". Why I waited so long to read this, I do not know. This is the best time I have had reading outside re-reading Vonnegut this year; humor and hope in dystopia without any candy coating but plenty of pungent, perfect prose. That AND a new Bordertown book this year (which sent me back to the old Shetterly wolf boy books as well), a few fantasy regulars like de Lint and James Owen and discoveries like "Divergent"in the mix means it has been a stellar lit-lover year for me.

On the physical front. I am still training for my tri-debut. GO SOFT athletes!!!!

Anyway, I have posted a new blog entry over at www.crowfae.com as well as a half dozen reprints of old poetry.

Come see me and comment! Love it when I get a comment that isn't spam. LOL

New blog posts and old poems added

Can't believe I am 6 weeks away from my Sprint triath and the new NanoWrimo. Getting ready for both though mostly blogging about the triath training.

New blogs up and old poetry posted at www.Crowfae.com. Come on over and say hi! Gotta run (really run, like in sneakers) and then work on my newspaper articles, Deadline Thursday, TTFN!

Ice, Ice Baby!

June 1, 2011. I couldn't run a block. I had never ridden a bicycle or had a swimming lesson. That is day one of this journey to try something completely different. Also, although I had already begun trimming down from my winter weight of 247 I was and am a BIG girl. I call it SOFT (Slow Old Fat Try-athlete).

Yesterday I swam 100 yds together, plus another 200 in lengths of 25; biked about 5 miles, and walked 5K. I am also trimming down, weighed in yesterday at 217 lbs.

This morning I ran 1 mile, walked 2 more and later I will bike and swim.
I am currently icing my back and rolling, rolling, rolling my legs and butt. I have a healing blister between my cheeks, ache places that never ached before and a very funky tan line but still am sooooo excited by my progress and that I am still engaged in an activity I have been told (and told myself) just wasn't for me.

Below is the website description of the first event that all this swimming, running and biking is about. I will be doing the MINI ADULT. Not a bad beginning length. I will be in the Athena category and have no idea how many will be in my age group. I am not as much interested in taking home a ribbon as I am in actually completing the race. My DIL is a bit more competitive and I hope to see her take first in her group.

If I continue to practice, practice, practice I know I can complete the lengths needed. Now I am all nervous about transitions and set up and what to wear and eat. Gonna reread the book by Jayne Williams and just keep swimming...

By the way, anyone who wants to come participate in the race or cheer me and Dawn on, let me know, I say for this kind of thing...the more the merrier!!!!

I know I haven't finished it yet, but I am farther than I could ever have believed possible a year ago. I wouldn't have come this far without Phil Veatch, my trainer from Inspire Fitness; the massage and adjustments from Backfit Chiropractic (Anne, Dr. Vogel, and Jacquie); bike riding lessons and poolside encouragement from my local sons Rick and Dallon and my DIL Dawn; the special contribution of Steve and Jody; and of course my friends Pat, Sara, Anne, Angela and Amie who keep encouraging, clothing and believing in me regardless of what crazy thing I try now. (Also a small thank-you to James Owen and Wil Wheaton, not that they will read this, but it is there amazing writing I listen to when running, stretching and walking. Like Oprah and Glinda the Good Witch these two men keep me motivated and believing that I have always had the power.)

Brief Description

Tri-Family Racing presents The City of Mesa Halloween Adult & Youth Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon. Everyone can get in on the fun; …we have Youth & Adult divisions as well as Relay Team competitions.

Event Refund Policy

No refunds provided!

Additional Information

MINI ADULT TRI: Adults: 200 yd. Swim, 8 mi Bike, 1/2 mi Run
MAXI ADULT TRI: 400 yd. swim, 12 mi Bike, 2 mi Run
YOUTH (TRI ONLY): 100 yd. Swim, 2.5 mi Bike; 1/2 mi Run
MAXI DU: Adults: 1/2 mi. Run, 12 mi. bike, 2 mi Run

WHERE: Fremont Pool, 1001 N Power Road, Mesa ,AZ 85205 (Northeast corner of East Adobe Street & North Power Road)

WHEN: Youth triathlon approx. 7 am Adult Triathlon & Duathlon starts at 7:45am. ALL TRI-ENTRANTS MUST HAVE THEIR BIKES IN THE TRANSITION AREA NO LATER THAN 6:45 AM

AWARDS: Five deep in all Age & Relay team categories. All youth also receive a participant ribbon.

REGISTRATION: Registration Packet pick-up on Saturday October 29th is HIGHLY recommended, Registration packets and late registration will be available at Iron Gear Sports, 6655 E. McDowell road, Mesa, AZ 85215 (480) 396-4766 from 1pm to 5pm. (Suite 103, southwest corner of Power and McDowell)

MINI ADULT TRI: $67 postmarked before October 15th $77 thereafter.
MAXI ADULT TRI or MAXI DU: $72 post marked before October 15th, $82 thereafter.
TRI RELAY TEAMS: $140 postmarked before October 15th $150 thereafter.
Youth Race TRI ONLY: $47 postmarked before October 15th $52 thereafter


Children's Race Age divisions: 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 yrs old (TRI ONLY)
Individual Male and Female: 15-19, 20-24; 25-29; 30-34; 35-39; 40-44; 45-49; 50-54; 55-59; 60-64; 65-69; 70+, Athena - Females 150+ lbs --- Clydesdale - Males - 200+ lbs,
Relay divisions: Coed, All Female, All Male.

SPONSORS: Iron Gear Sports, Landis Cyclery, Adobe Images, Carlos O'Brien's, M & J Trophies, Triple Sports., Hammer Gel, Adobe Graphics, Coffee's of Hawaii, Tri-Family Racing,: Over $750.00 in merchandise, WOW !!!

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A new post on my website

Come on over and read it all at www.crowfae.com

Writer's Block: Paging Al Gore

Yes I would. In a heart beat....where so I sign....
Would you give up the Internet for $10 million? (this is for the rest of your life.)

Update it is..

For those who follow(ed)me here, an update. I am still training for my triathlon. I can now officially ride a bike. I have registered for my sprint tri on Oct 30, and yes I will be coming off that and heading straight into Nanowrimo.

To keep up with all my exciting antics and slow, old, fat try athlete activities come on over to www.crowfae.com

I do check back here to keep up with my nano, running and poetry friends but mostly blogging on my own site now.

I rode my bike!

This is actually a repost from Crowfae.com where later there may be actual video!

I am incredibly happy this morning.

Nothing has changed in the externals. My back still hurts at about a 5/10 (had two full hours of relief after my visit to Backfit Chiropractic yesterday thanks to Jacquie's massage and Dr. Vogel's adjustment). My ends still won't speak to each other, let alone meet. I have no medical insurance at this point, nor any hope of getting anymore due to actually really needing the coverage and so have absolutely no idea of what my bloodwork looks like or if anything is growing again, and yet, I am totally and competely, Happy.

Because today, anything seems possible.

Today, for the first time in my long, coordinationally challenged, plus-size life, I rode a bicycle.

I rode it for a mile.

I am still giggling about it.

I did this after swimming two laps (thats four lengths or 100 meters), twice plus a few lengths to equal 14 lengths or 7 laps. (So swam a total 350 meters)

This was accomplishing the impossible for me.

The other stuff will come in time.

I can ride a bike.

I am happy.

Thank you to all who have helped me get this far, I didn't quit before the miracle happened because of your support.

It is good for me to have goals that rest on the things I can control like how I use my time, what I eat, how I dream, and how I apply my discipline; because the things I cannot control (like the economy and politics and other people and some portions of my physical vessel) somehow become small and insignificant when I amaze myself. The irony is that the blog I will edit and post later on about middles will actually be posted after the breakthrough.

Also BTW, my DIL is kicking butt on this training thing. As far as Athena novices go she is the Goddess!

A small stretch...

Running exacerbated the back, hip and knee pain yesterday and I have 17 mosquito bites, for these reasons I did not run this morning. Instead I doubled my yoga and added a guided meditation from the Meditation Oasis on Body Balance to my morning routine. Plan to run tomorrow. Also my goal is to get out and play with my bike until I can ride it this week. Like a kid does.

That is one piece of news that happened during my birthday radio silence. My friends from Tucson brought me a wonderful Mountain Bike for the race for my birthday and my baby gave me the basic, no speeds beach cruiser I kept fondling at Tempe Bike. This is perfect because I have a bike at my son and DIL's and I have one out here in the badlands. Of course, I am just finally balancing a bit and still haven't mastered the pedals, yet.  But I am amazed at the magic that shows up when I (or anyone else) set a goal and then work for it with all my (or their) might. The universe makes magic.

Anyway, these are my goals this week, to get my run groove back. I had a 12 minute mile, I can again.  To actually swim 75 meters without break (3 lengths) and to pedal my bike for at least a block.

Now I must get ready for work. My kiddos greeting yesterday was all the reward any pediatric home nurse needs. (AND Today I am not forgetting my lunch again!)

And To see all my blogs come visit and leave comments at my rookery  www.Crowfae.com

Attitude of Gratitude

 Woke up in a bed, made myself some coffee with the running water I have easy access to in my house, ate breakfast and then cleaned myself and dressed myself because I have access to clean clothing, cleaning products and a shower AND all my parts move at my volition. Now I am going to a job because I have a paying job, actually doing something I love. Whatever blips there are in my day, may I not forget how far I have come and how lucky and blessed I am.


New blog posts and other awesome stuff

 Please come on over to www.crowfae.com and read my new blog. And chack out my sons and DIL's blogs at TheBartlemans.com. However if that can't work for you I promise to get a widget soon to post here as well for may faithful readers. On day 8 of an 11 day stretch without a day off, which is a whole other story in itself about priorities and emergencies but no time or patience to imbed the widget this week.

So please come one over to www.crowfae.com and keep following the adventures of the Slow Old Fat Triathlete!


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