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Nanowrimo and spammers

First the spammer, I really wish a few of my LiveJournal Friends would come over and visit my webpage and comment (www.crowfae.com) only because I have spent the last two days removing 110 spam comments and it would be nice to think someone is actually reading my words not just trying to imbed their own sales pitch.
Other than that I am pretty sure I am not completing Nanowrimo again. I work today and tomorrow and have spun my excuse wheel too frequently this month to make finishing viable and still keep up with my responsibilities. Maybe one big thing is all I could do this month (did my first Triathlon this year at beginning of month). Back in training for the longer Sprint Triathlon, will just stick with my old standby goal of writing 2000 words a day and finish this novel, and spammers or not will be keeping up in my own spotty way with the website.
Good wishes to all, whatever holiday season you are entering.