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Sorry about the apparent abdication

I love coming back here and reading the entries of familiar faces. Nicest thing about LiveJournal is its consistency.

On the veggie front, if you haven't checked out "eat vegan on $4 a day" by Ellen Jaffe Jones I cannot recommend enough doing so. Everything I have tried has come out tasty and texturally pleasing. Recommend the sweet potato muffins, which also work with Bob's Mill All purpose gluten free baking mix.

On the spiritual front, I meditate in the mornings and I am actually hanging out in Gilbert at a coffee shop that is part of a Christian campus. It is interesting to watch my own internal prejudices surface as I try to practice my pagan approach to "live/love", which just happens to be the coffee shop slogan and one I see most people there living. I think I have landed upon one of the few places Jesus would be proud to have use his name. (see, there goes my prejudices again!) I am reading Mandela's "Long Walk to Freedom" and listening to Pema Chodron; Close interaction with some actual Christians has got me thinking about cycling back to a bit of C.S Lewis, Karen Armstrong or Therese again; maybe the Armstrong book that encompasses the whole spiritual renaissance...."The Great Transformation". Still really working on ego....bleh!

Intellectual front is all about the John Scalzi edited "Metatropolis". Why I waited so long to read this, I do not know. This is the best time I have had reading outside re-reading Vonnegut this year; humor and hope in dystopia without any candy coating but plenty of pungent, perfect prose. That AND a new Bordertown book this year (which sent me back to the old Shetterly wolf boy books as well), a few fantasy regulars like de Lint and James Owen and discoveries like "Divergent"in the mix means it has been a stellar lit-lover year for me.

On the physical front. I am still training for my tri-debut. GO SOFT athletes!!!!

Anyway, I have posted a new blog entry over at www.crowfae.com as well as a half dozen reprints of old poetry.

Come see me and comment! Love it when I get a comment that isn't spam. LOL