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Will soon begin cross posting again..

November is almost upon us, the one month where I consistently reappear on LiveJournal. It's a "coming back home" thing since it was here I first discovered C25K and Nanowrimo, and a few other vegan athletes. I have my own website now at www.crowfae.com and a professional nursing schedule that barely allows enough time to write, breathe (and recently date??? I know, I am as shocked, if not more so, than you!)but November is always my month to make both goals happen for the year. So I will be cross posting again and feel glad to be back, if a little strange. Isn't that how coming home feels?

Well there is my alarm that says go shower and put on your scrubs, gotta be to work soon.
Namaste my friends!

Hello strangers

So over reading my friends posts and thought I would add a line or two. First off I am still running, training, etc, just a little less than last year and still writing and still definitely being a vegan. If you want to see what is up with me you can check out my website www.crowfae.com and thanks for making me smile as I read about your lives today.

Nostalgia is the word of the day

So I really do miss the LiveJournal experience, as well as the community and following I had here, so unlike MySpace which I made go away completely over a year ago, I keep this spot open, in case I want some day to return to using it regularly. I still come back and read my friends and keep up with authors, etc. but if any of you are looking for what I am up to today, I am afraid you will need to come see me at www.crowfae.com. My son designed the website for me and well, that sort of says it all doesn't it. Just started posting daily again, or mostly daily anyway.

a bit about breakfast and my blog

So still trying to figure out how to have my breakfast protein and my ethics too. Also posted my quinoa porridge recipe, Come by www.crowfae.com to read all about it.
So I am posting. In case the email I got was accurate and I might be deleted if I don't. I will also add I do have a website these days at www.crowfae.com. But I like my LiveJournal community so I do not want to lose the account.

Fun to visit my friends pages...

But totally loving Wordpress so only blogging at www.crowfae.com, please come visit and leave a comment.

Seriously back in training again for my next race which will probably be a duathlon as swimming won't happen again till I get rich enough for a gym membership or it warms up enough to use the Power Ranch pool.

Working on my novel with 1000 words a day.

Trying to decide about going back to school or not.

And now I must go "roll" myself again or pay later. Phil worked my arms this morning to exhaustion in our "Bootcamp" then I walked another 4 plus miles with my son and DIL. Life is good!

Nanowrimo and spammers

First the spammer, I really wish a few of my LiveJournal Friends would come over and visit my webpage and comment (www.crowfae.com) only because I have spent the last two days removing 110 spam comments and it would be nice to think someone is actually reading my words not just trying to imbed their own sales pitch.
Other than that I am pretty sure I am not completing Nanowrimo again. I work today and tomorrow and have spun my excuse wheel too frequently this month to make finishing viable and still keep up with my responsibilities. Maybe one big thing is all I could do this month (did my first Triathlon this year at beginning of month). Back in training for the longer Sprint Triathlon, will just stick with my old standby goal of writing 2000 words a day and finish this novel, and spammers or not will be keeping up in my own spotty way with the website.
Good wishes to all, whatever holiday season you are entering.

Writer's Block: It's payday!

Easiest question EVAR! If the Million was before taxes, I'd sock away the tax amount in a CD till April and then pay all my bills, make an anonymous donation of $10,000 to a specific favorite charity, pay a years worth of mortgage and utilities on the house I live in and then go on a long trip to Australia, New Zealand and Antartica. Where I would bike, swim and run. Then come back, finish my degree and re-enter the world as a degreed nurse and writer.

Nanowrimo begins, what's your wordcount?

So I will be posting daily over at www.crowfae.com and will be checking in with my nanowrimo friends here! lets do it writers, lets do this novel now!
I woke up scared.

I rode to the event fighting fear that kept me on the edge of tears. My friends and family were there supporting me and telling me I could do it.

And then I was in the pool and they were counting down the time 3...2...1 go! And I kicked off and there was no more fear only breathing and swim strokes.

I did it.

I swam. I biked. I ran. Not fast, not well but better than before I started to train and I took fifth in my weight class (I am an Athena) and second in my age group. My daughter-in-law who trained with me, kicked my butt on times and got a bronze cuz there are fewer Slow Old Fat Triathletes than young thin ones like her. In my eyes she got double gold.

My swim time was pretty awesome for me. I did it in 8:36 (eight minutes, thirty-six seconds) much better than I have ever done in practice. Next time will be better (and double the distance). As it was my first time all the people coming up behind me discombobulated me and I lost time letting the mob pass.

My eight miles on the bike was very slow, the first half of the four mile loop (2 miles) was a slight upgrade and I did the eight miles on my beach cruiser because I really want to take the mountain bike somewhere and get street tires and a check-up after its altercation with a car before putting it in a position of trust. It was slow and hard going. Coming around the first lap and knowing I was into the uphill again the excuse wheel began to spin, but there were my friends holding signs for me and cheering. I wasn't about to let them or me down and just kept peddling.

My time was about what I expected. I predicted 85 to 90 minutes and completed it in 71 minutes 17 seconds. Again beating any practice times but really sloooooooow.

I used the beach cruiser partly cause of the needing to get the geared bike checked out, But also, and this was a big one, I am comfortable on it's no gear and no power break turtle type solidness and fear was a HUGE part of what I was facing down in this whole triathlon. I have only been riding a bike, any bike, for a little over two months. I need practice, practice, practice. I need to learn how to use gears and my hand breaks in a way that doesn't throw me over the bike. I am glad that I took Bessie as there were times when the real competitors were woooshing by that Bessie and I's sympatico natures kept me from succumbing to fear. The one time I did let fear take over the reins I had a small spill and spent a couple minutes walking my bike before I got back on and finished.

Coming into the transition area my left knee sharply announced it was done and I dismounted a good 100 or so feet before I was supposed to dismount.

My run was the thing most affected by my October falls and mishaps. Dawn was waiting for me as I came into the transition area and paced me the whole way (Mind you AFTER she had already completed the same thing at a dead run) My left knee was screaming four letter words at me by the time I finished biking and did not want to run, walk or really do anything that required it to flex or extend or bear weight. But Dawn was there right beside me and quitting was not an option. I walked more than half of the run, so run time was 9:23. Still better than I predicted.

And guess what, I the Slow Old Fat Triathlete who in June of this year got breathless walking a mile, had never ridden a bycicle, and never taken a swimming lesson; also who fell Oct 3 and then got hit on her bike by a car re-jacking same knee Oct 13, finished her race.

Better yet, I can't wait for my next one.

So many thank-you's to say: Rick, Dawn, and Phil Veatch who were all my trainers (Phil is the official trainer), Dallon as well, Jody and Steve, the staff at Backfit Chiropractic in Gilbert, Sara, Pat, Amie, Ken and Deena, the women in my training group, the nice lifeguard at the pool who got me the ice pack today, and others I know I am forgetting...I could not have done it without you.

..and also a special thank you to James Owen for the audiobooks that were the soundtrack for a lot of walking, running and stationary bike time the past few months. You and my son Rick are the examples that motivate me to focus not on the obstacles I need to overcome but how I will accomplish my dreams.

Lots of love to all of you who have followed the first lap of this journey, and it ain't over yet! 400 meter, 12 mile ride, 5 k is my next race and I plan to beat my times a lot on my way there.

So I am thinking a lot more training is in order.

But now its time to sleep.


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